Looking at you, Kaguya was reminded of her sons. Isn't it sweet?
She was sealed by her own sons. What a poor mother.


All that talk about the latest chapter’s colored front page made me do this. Why hasn’t this been a thing before?


i didnt know it was possible to fall more in love with how to train your dragon but httyd2 did it, so i had to doodle something

i cried like a weenie (AGH!)


SasuTen for insightwaffle <3


and so the lotr!naruto spree continues :D Tolkien’s elves seem to identify their family via the lineage of their ancestor, hence the name. After i drew the House of Indra!Uchiha, of course I had to draw the Hyuuga clan next. Neji’s carrying an Elvish blade- he’s very good at swordfighting. Hanabi is actually wearing sparring clothes, that’s why it looks a little bit more like travelling clothes/armour rather than the typical elvish dress Hinata’s wearing. I tried to make Hanabi look older than in canon because in this au, they’re all supposed to be almost adults, and naturally took some liberties with her design! Hinata roughly corresponds to Arwen, and Hiashi Elrond. 

Tenten for noharas


Kaguya + 4 for lucretzias

Sasuke headers by Seunmilk. 

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the freedom you felt… choosing to die in order to protect your comrades.